Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kids: Mad Max Reenactment

Kids Reenact Mad Max by Tino Schaedler & Achim Lippoth

In this photo set, a young boy dressed like Mad Max (Mel Gibson) has a hostile encounter with a tribe of savages in the middle of the desert. The photos were commissioned by 'Kid's Wear' magazine. They are the first collaboration of adNAU's Tino Schaedler and photographer Achim Lippoth. Schaedler designed the vehicles in imitation of the movie's as well as the sets, which were augmented with computer-generated landscapes by Hamburg-based production house The Scope.

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  1. Wow when was thise done these kids are awesome the young boy looks not to be messed with but kinda cute too I seen MM3 years ago and it was a good film I wish they'd release it on DVD as our old VHS is in the loft not been used for years but did these kids. Film what they did it be awesome to see. Well done. You kids WTG you guys