Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Link Crossplay

I always see the Magic Armor as being like an Armor of a Hylian Knight. When I first saw it I had to make it. So…Finally I got a pic up LOL. It’s been almost a year since I first wore this costume but never posted any pictures anywhere because I was waiting for a particular location to do a photoshoot at. I finally was able to last week so here it is. My dad was the photographer and we took good advantage of the location.
Magic Armor is from Twilight Princess (I am surprised at how many people DIDN’T know about this version and also thought I was Princess Zelda in armor. Really? =\ Seriously people. It doesn’t even look like Zelda except for the shoulder armor. But the hat, sword, and shield and chainmail are a complete giveaway that this is Link).
I’ve worked on this costume on and off for a few years. I put it on hold for a while too because I needed a break from it. Spent 5 months making the new chainmail (My regular Heros Garb chainmail took 6 months) for this one and the armor was a huge trial and error process. There were some parts that I had to remake over and over until it was right.

I started on it right after Twilight Princess came out and I had all of the reference images that I needed to start and finish the costume.

Costume was started 2006/2007. Worked on and off. Completed 2010.

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  1. I LOVED your cosplay!! And wooow Actually is it a CROSSplay!!! Congrats for the great job!! I did thought you were a handsome link!!! I loved this armor when I saw it!!

    Hey, may I ask you how did you did it? Was it with foam?