Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lady Hawke

Lady Hawke (from Dragon Age 2) by TheSands5th
Photographed by YourMomPlaysHalo

My Hawke outfit! I made this entire outfit, the only things I didn't make were The pants and my boots. This costume took me 6 months to make, give or take, and over $400. The armor is wonderflex, the coat is hand dyed vinyl with a suede lining, the belt is also hand dyed vinyl, the back of the coat has red embroidered lines and the shoulder pieces are also embroidered.

Because of this outfit I have calluses on my thumb and index finger XD

Photographed by YourMomPlaysHalo


  1. Hey- Enjoyed checking out your blog...some nice work here and glad to see you have utilized WONDERFLEX. Curious if you have ever worked with FOSSHAPE.

  2. Why is the second pic not credited with the person who made it and the photographer?

    1. When I post multiple photos in a blog entry and only one set of credits, it's because the photos came from the same source.

      In this case, I made a mistake. I tacked the second photo on to remind myself to start a gallery of Lady Hawke cosplay shots, then I forgot to remove it before hitting "publish." Thanks for catching that.

  3. Not a problem. Thanks for fixing. The second one that was up there is my stepdaughter and was photographed by professional Anna Fischer. You can see the work at