Monday, November 12, 2012


Photographed by Chris of Destinysway Photography
"My Nightingale costume from Skyrim. Made from various thicknesses of EVA foam, coated in Plastidip rubberised spray paint and then dry brushed with angelus leather paints. Some details like on the hood were down in 3D fabric paints.

Undersuit is a leather look lycra catsuit. I wore a Underarmour cool wick balaclava under the hood and mask. Cape and hood from a linen look wovenfabric.

Bow was made from a LARP hunting bow covered in layers of thick EVA foam and then ‘skinned’ in thin funky foam sheets. Didnt have time to finish this so added some detail to give it general look of the Nightingale bow. Will finish when i adjust the shoulder pauldrons and finish the boot covers for next photoshoot."

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  1. Amazing what you come across on the net. That's my costume that is :D. More details can be found on my facebook page