Monday, December 3, 2012

Queen Lachryma III

Queen Lachryma III from Warhammer 40.000

Queen Lachryma III (from Warhammer 40.000) by Alberti
 Photographed by Ashitaro
"I'd wanted to make this cosplay for a long time. Once the John Blanche's illustrations by Horus Heresy Sketchbook have overwhelmed me, and the idea to make this cosplay had haunted my mind. Finally, I took the plunge. I'm an old fan of the Warhammer 40 000 Universe to begin with; it's time to make some tangible proofs of my love."
"Though, I have no certainty in whether this woman is Queen Lachryma. Yes, this is how imagines her but the very scetchbook she mentioned as Imperial Nobility - Winter Court Dress. I'm not sure about her, but I like her."
"Almost all costume is made by me."

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