Friday, May 10, 2013

Fresh Take: Kathren Janeway

Captain Kathryn Janeway (from Star Trek: Voyager) by alicedear
"I sort of just thought this up one night as I was drifting off to sleep. Rather, I thought of elements that I wanted in this costume. It started off as just a skirt, and then evolved into something much more extravagant, as you'll see below.

The pattern I used was for a '56 dress (Butterick Retro 5813 'C'), and I realized in retrospect that it would have been a hundred times easier to have used the Voyager jumpsuit pattern and modify it to my whim. Oops. :P

I think the hardest part was the different bodice pieces, not to mention working with polyester taffeta (something I vow never to do again, thank you), but really, the whole thing was a much bigger undertaking than I could have imagined. I went into this as a 'just for fun' thing... ha!"

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