Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gaige the Mechromancer

Photo by Aperture Ashley

Gaige the Mechromancer (from Borderlands 2) by Kikala Cosplay
Photographed by A.L.P. Photography and Aperture Ashely
"Woooooo! So many amazing photo’s to choose from. -flails everywhere-

But here’s a photoset of my finished Gaige cosplay. I know some of you are probably tired of seeing it, but I’m dang proud of it okay? I know before I wear it again though, I’ll be making the details darker. They’re great in person but if it’s not a High resolution photo, the details don’t show up so well. i went a bit subtle this time, GOIN ALL OUT NEXT TIME (and might also have the default Gaige head for A-Kon)."


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