Friday, May 10, 2013

Group: Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed Group Cosplay
Photographed by Shizuno, Soba-Ische, Ara at Connichi 2011

Annetta Barbieri, Mercenario cosplayed by Shizuno
Lorenzo La Falce, Maestro cosplayed by Barthy
 Emiliana Santi, Discepolo cosplayed by Kassna
"It was one of the most expensive cosplays I ever made. All the metal buckles, the border, the extra white ribbon beside it… I was lucky to have all the fabrics at home at least. -.- And to be able to use Shizuno’s leather!

All the belts, armor &, clothes are selfmade. I still love it. Emiliana Santi turned out to be an interesting character in my headcanon… She’s a pretty good shooter and has a knack for tactics - but she fails miserably when it comes to climbing. The reason why she’s still rank 5 despite being in the brotherhood far longer than her friends Lorenzo and Annetta."

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