Friday, September 9, 2011


Toadette by Jessi_Wee
The hat is made out of one of those egg carton foam mattress pads. The shape of the pieces can be seen in the first picture (imagine cutting a spherical object into 8 equally-sized pieces). The bottom portion of each piece was cut to produce a hole when all the pieces were glued together.

The pieces of foam were merely hot glued together, and clothespins were used to hold them in place as they dried. Craft wire was used to reinforce the hat and help it keep its round shape (hint: steart sealing the hat from the bottom up and insert wire rings every 3"-5"). We used duct tape to hold the wire in place.

Swimsuit material was stretched over the hat and hot glue was used to hold it in place. I recommend using this material because of its ability to stretch in all directions. There is a small seam in back, but it is hardly noticeable once the dots are glued on.

The dots are felt circles. I used a compass to cut them out. Once again, hot glue was used.

To secure the hat to the head, a tight stocking cap was glued inside the bottom of the hat. Extra foam can be inserted into the stocking cap to adjust where the hat sits on your head.

The baubles are styrofoam balls that you can find in just about any craft store. I used a compass to mark circles on the largest foam balls. I painted them with acryllic paint. I drilled through them ghetto-style with a screwdriver and some chopsticks then strung braided yarn through them. I used my trusty glue gun to hold the baubles in place. They were simply safety pinned into the stocking cap, but you can sew them in if you have the patience.
You can check out pictures of the build process on imgur, as well as a photo of Jessi in a bad ass Fire Flower costume.

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