Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Costume: Handsome Jack

Via: Reddit

Make-Up by Lillyxandra
Via: Reddit

Handsome Jack (from Borderlands 2)
Make-up and Photo by Lillyxandra
"My boyfriend Jack pretty much IS Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2. He's handsome, loves to talk, and is even a bit of a douchebag ( I mean that in the charming way). He's been working on this costume for a long time and it has finally come together for Halloween! I want to be clear that the only thing I made on this costume was the vest and cell shaded the fabric with a black marker. What I'm really happy about is the cell shaded make-up I did! I used rigid collodion for the indention around his face then used darker and lighter shades of Make-up forever HD foundation to create the "mask". Keeping the make-up like the costume I drew cell shaded lines over his face. He sculpted the hinges and I applied them with Pros-Aide Cosmetic Adhesive. Now only if we could do a photoshoot with him on his diamond pony!"

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