Friday, November 2, 2012

Kids: Marty McFly

 Marty McFly (from Back to the Future)

Cory and Jeremy nailed the perfect Halloween costume for their little one.
Parenting: you’re doing it right.
"It all started with a red puffy vest Cooper already had and a side comment from my husband about Marty McFly in late September. I’ve always loved Back to the Future, and love cars since I was little and grew up going to car shows with my Dad; what better way to tote my 1yr old son around on Halloween than in a transformed $25 Step2 push car I bought off of the kidsale alias at work? So, I spent a few weekends and nights in October recreating the iconic DeLorean with cardboard, tape, paint, and a little help with some EL lighting from my husband, Jeremy. The perfect costume for Cooper’s first Halloween!

-Cory (proud mother) :)"

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