Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Druchii Assasin

Warhammer Week (Fantasy Weekend | Day 7):
Druchii Assasin from Warhammer Fantasy

Cosplayer: CyberdreamPhotographer: KishHobbit

Druchii Assasin (from Warhammer Fantasy) by Cyberdream
 Photographed by KishHobbit
"And a nice picture of my husband as a druchii assasin. Also based on a concept art. All the leathern armour is made by him and he decided to remove all the spikes because you know it would quite hard to wear them 4 days in the forest).

The other clothing is made by me, both sewing and painting. It's a pity you can't see the shirt here, it came out preatty well. And besides that there was a west that I like most of all other parts of the costume. And he's holding our flag with the Khaine's hand on it."

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