Monday, April 1, 2013

Commander Shepard

"Keep dreaming"
Commander Shepard (from Mass Effect) by Angela Bermúdez A.
Photographed by Andres H.
Via: Obvious Winner
"People are talking about this so I want to answer some of the comments I found here and around the internet.

1. I dont have freckles, they are part of the make up, I wish, I love them
2. This is part of the shoot that I am planning, I'm practicing how to make scars on my face and finishing the weapons that will be used for future "battle" pics.
3. Everyone knows that we can change the character at will,
Red hair is not a must in this cosplay.
4. I received a lot of nagging about my nose ring, this is a feature I have in most of my cosplays, you can hardly find photos without it, it's something I chose not a bug "


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