Monday, April 15, 2013

Cosplay Culture: Body Type

Cosplay ≠ Consent

"This is definitely inspired by the Cosplay ≠ Consent campaign (or more exactly, CONsent) and by an older but new to me story on The Mary Sue about a Black Cat cosplayer who had enough of this crap and told them so. It also started as just stick figures to fit today’s April Drawing Challenge, but got more defined as I kept at it. And there’s also the difference between “sexy” and “sexualisation” at play here, from today’s post in Less Tits n’ Ass. It’s a melting pot of many things, and I’m happy with how it turned out, although my original mind image definitely had a Kate Beaton+Adventure Time style, which I could not emulate without references. 

Keeping the characters as simplified as possible means I can get away with gender-identifying the actors; I deliberately made the last character androgynous so there’s no real assignment of meaning other than standing up to the douchebags no matter who you are. 

Hope you like!"

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