Monday, April 1, 2013


Roxas (from Kingdom Hearts) by Feeracie
 Photographed by CoolADN
"Well, another "dream" costume is now complete, Kingdom Hearts is one of the only games i played and since his first appareance i really liked Roxas and his story.

Well, about the costume, i have done the pants one year and a half ago, but it was so messy that it took me more time to rearrange this one, than done a new one. At first i was thinking that this costume should be really easy to do, but I was totally wrong, the white jacket was so hard to do because of the collar/linning/tiles. The wig was also a challenge, i wanted a more "natural" look than a really spiky one as some cosplayer do.

But well now I am pretty happy how it turned out, I will do his organisation XIII coat."

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