Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kids: Frodo

Baby Frodo (from The Lord of The Rings) by Alexander
Source: Costume Works
"My son Alexander was a hobbit for his second Halloween. I put this costume together over a few months. The clothing items all came from thrift shops or baby consignment stores (corduroy pant, white button-down shirt, and a tan vest). The cape was sewn by my mother from emerald green felt material ($2 at Goodwill). The brooch had to be just right so we ordered one on to match the ones they wear in the Lord of the Rings Films ($6). His feet are even hairy. I used fun-fur yarn material to wrap his brown/tan flip flops and create his furry little feet ($5 @ Joann's). Overall, the entire costume cost less than $25 and our little Hobbit looked totally epic."

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