Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tiny Tina

Tiny Tina (from Borderlands 2) by Smikimimi
Photographed by Sparklesstorm

This is an especially awesome Tina cosplay.  I wish there were more shots!
"Here's my cosplay of Tina from Borderlands 2. I worked so hard on it! I'm really proud of the result! ^^ I cosplayed her at Otakuthon 2013 with my friends as Mordercai, Lilith, Maya and Moxxi and we entered the masquerade and won Best Styling!!! All my efforts were worth it!"
"If you like my cosplay go vote for me. if you want y'know.. that would be AWESOME
VOTE here: otak.hu/1aEUiuI"

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