Friday, June 22, 2012

Rule 63: The Avengers

Photographs by Elemental at Colossalcon

Black Widower (Nate Romanov) cosplayed by Immortal Phil
Captain America (Steph Rogers) cosplayed by Courtoonxiii
Hawkeye (Claire Barton) cosplayed by EmilyCrossing
Hulkette (Brit Banner) cosplayed by Gwishie
Iron Maiden (Antonia Stark) cosplayed by RowenWood
Thorfridr cosplayed by Midnight Cosplay

Midnight Cosplay writes: "This was my dream. Before anything i was a comic book fan before cosplay, before plushies, before anime, before EVERYTHING!!! I grew up watching spiderman and xmen loving the marvel universe. So I love this entire group for indulging my dream. I was so happy to the point of tears! Special brownie points to Phil for being man enough to be the male Black Widow!"


Solo-forever: "This group was the best part about Colossal con, for sure! 5 hours of photo shoots and never for a second did I want it to end."

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