Monday, June 18, 2012

Steampunk Girl

"Here for you, in all its glory, is my steampunk costume. I’ve been a huge fan of steampunk for ages now, and finally this year i got around to making my very own outfit. It’s not the best or the most amazing, but i was pretty proud in the end.

I thought it might be cool to have a sort of character to go with my outfit, which yes, is pretty lame, but then, i’m pretty lame. So her name is Lizzie (she doesn’t have a cool last name yet) and she’s an airship mechanic in the RAF. I even wore my great uncle George’s real RAF pin! She signed up disguised as a man but when they found her out she was too good a mechanic to dismiss, of course. So thats why she wears pants and is all grimy.

I love the array of strong female characters in a lot of steampunk, which is part of the reason i didn’t go for a big dress or anything. I’m not super girly, and my hair just didn’t really scream “steampunk gentlewoman” to me, so i thought the tomboy thing would work. It’s a lot more me this way.

I actually made every item except for the shirt and boots, and i painted the nerf gun myself. Hence the being proud. I’ll post more over the next few days about how i did it and more photos of each part, but i really wanted to get something up quick tonight :) hope you enjoyed!"


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