Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sentinel (from The X-Men)
Photographed by Anna Goellner at Emerald City Comicon 2013

"Well, another year another costume. About two years ago on a whim I threw together a helmet and gloves for a sentinel costume. I never really finished it, instead putting my efforts into doing my Buzz Lightyear costume. But it always sat on my shelf with it's empty eyes and hollow interior, waiting for me to finish it.

Well, this year I finally did it, just in time for Emerald City Comic Con 2013. It was a blast. I was in a small X-men group, although we got separated for most of the day.

I'm most proud of three things with this costume. I haven't seen very many people attempt it. It was very easy to get on. And I didn't spend the morning of the con finishing it. That's right... I finished it the day before. Which is a new record for me.

I ended the con completely exhausted. IT wasn't super hot, nor uncomfortable, as it's pretty light weight. However a whole day of it. Left me with some blisters on the back of my feet, and sore muscles all over."

"The built itself was pretty simple. The helmet is Styrene and Sintra, with some Epoxy Puddy to fill in details. The body is entirely made out of EVA foam. Sealed with Plasti Dip, and painted. It took 4 cans of plasti dip, probably 40 glue sticks, around 20 sheets of EVA foam, 10 thick sheets of smaller foam, and a ton of straps, elastic, snaps and connectors. Not to mention the pair of old shoes glued into the feet.

I'll post more pictures later, plus a few WIP photos later this week. Hopefully I'll have some studio shots with my buddy Nate in a couple weeks also. Or I'll just try to set them up myself. Which, might be interesting.

The costume with me in it stood about 6ft 7-8in. The next day out of costume people were surprised to find out I'm only 6ft.

Also, there is a tiny Wolverine doll attacking the helmet."

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