Thursday, March 15, 2012

Article: My Day As a Cosplay Model

My Day As a Cosplay Model
Many of my colleagues are fascinated by my cosplay hobby. It is not just about running around trade shows in ostentatious get-ups. A lot of my time is spent in front of the camera doing photo shoots to document my work and have something cool to show the world. Both cosplay and non-cosplaying friends have asked me what goes into the photo shoot process. In this 3-part series, I’ll take you through what a typical day as a cosplay model is like. ...

I want to touch back on something I just mentioned: the responsibility of the model and the responsibility of the photographer. In most cosplay photo shoot situations, it is a TFP (trade for print). No one is exchanging money. Hopefully, what you get is an amazing set of photos that showcases your craftsmanship and love of your character. The photographer gets a unique piece to add to their portfolio. It does not give you the right to show up and act like a diva, or put unnecessary demands on the photographer. I’ve heard horror stories of cosplayers who expect the photographer to edit out every blemish and self-perceived flaw;  some cosplayers even contact photographers in the middle of the night! Others have a strange self entitlement that the photographer is at their demand, and that they are the true star of the photo. They even will tell the photographer when and how he can display his art. This is ridiculous.
 Source: Geeks are Sexy

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