Friday, March 16, 2012

Wild Flower Cover Girl

Wild flower stage by ~DonneAnonyme

Photographed by Nakana

This is my latest costume. I began in 2009 my Cover girl from Wild flower, the second art book from talentued Shunya Yamashita.

This costume wasn't very easy because it's a cut plan of the high of the girl, I should create the under design for the armors, the sword and the back. The difficulty was to create something in the Shunya's design from myself <_< And yes, it was very hard to elaborate something in his style.

The sword was a challenge with the fine details on it.I spend long months of work.

The painting was hard too because I wanted to create relief, not only a " black costume", so i used black, grey and purples tones. The wig was a cut and assembly of two ( my wig from rathian monster hunter and a blue for Rei Ayanami).I create shading in purple and light blue, and the little flowers in foam ( creamousse in french). The beads are from an old jewel in plastic.

I was surprise by the result last day. The contrast between colors, the result of armors... it was a big big surprise for me. I was ( and it is very rare) happy of myself.

The most beautiful thing was the prize I won, I was sure it will be my friend in his freaking skull knight, when I eared my name I just can\'t believe it, I won a sewing machine, I was so happy I though I just cry u____u

I really enjoy Shunya Yamashita, I was very happy to do this costume, I like the colors, the feminine aspect of the armor... I spend a great time with all my friends, so thank you very much >o<
it's the best christmas gift I can received!

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