Friday, March 23, 2012

Rule 63: Dovakhiin

Female Dovakhiin (from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) by Manzinat0r
Photographed by Max Song

Dovahkiin made and modeled by me.
Armor is the Banded Iron Armor and Iron Helmet from Skyrim.

Yay I finally finished everything! I redid and added a bunch of stuff since I last wore it at ALA '12. Unfortunately we got to the shoot location late and didn't get all the shots we wanted, so we're going to go back again for another shoot. We did get a few keepers though, so expect more.

I'm really happy to finally get to show my Elder Scrolls love through a costume.

I've been wanting to cosplay from an Elder Scrolls game for a long time because I've been a huge fan forever. I was struggling with finding something iconic, though, but with the recent Skyrim madness making a Dovahkiin costume seemed perfect. I'm a sucker for Nordic themes already (I'm Norwegian myself) so I jumped at the opportunity.

Its the Iron Helmet, Banded Iron Armor, Ancient Nord War Axe and Iron shield.

This is still in the process of being finished for a photoshoot I have planned in late February. I wore what I had done to ALA even though its not the whole costume, I'm missing the thigh armor, and bunch of belts and some other details.

Everything was made by me with the exception of the axe and shield, those were made by my very talented friend Dante.


  1. You can't rule 63 Dovahkiin,
    Dovahkiin is genderless.

    1. I suppose you're right. I've just gotten used to seeing Dovahkiin portrayed as a male in all the fan art, I guess. Still, thanks for the note.