Monday, June 11, 2012

Group: Ironettes

NYCC Ironettes-9 by LJinto on Flickr.

Photographed by LJinto at NYCC 2012

NYCC Ironettes-1

NYCC Ironettes-2

NYCC Ironettes-4

NYCC Ironettes-5

NYCC Ironettes-6

NYCC Ironettes-7

NYCC Ironettes-8

NYCC Ironettes-9

NYCC Ironettes-10

NYCC Ironettes-11

NYCC Ironettes-12

NYCC Ironettes-13


  1. The brunette looks like she's having a good time. Good for her!

    The blonde looks like she's thinking "Why did I let her talk me into this? I feel like such a nerd. And all these geeks want to take pictures of me! Eww..."

    They need that guy that made his own Iron Man armor to join them!

    1. wow, are you friggin stupid, or what? they're BOTH dressed up at a comic convention, and you think she's not into it? I happen to know that girl, and she pulled off that costume really well. so, what's with you being a judgemental douche bag?