Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Couple: Alucard and Integra

Alucard and Integra (from HellSing)
Photographed by SolarTempest
Alucard cosplayed by Ammie
Integra cosplayed by Straywind
"This shoot was such a long time in the making. Ammie and I discussed for probably a year or so through e-mails that we eventually needed to do Hellsing together. I first Cosplayed Integra back in 2006 and my outfit wasn't that great. Ammie Cosplayed Alucard for the first time a few years ago as well. We both wanted to get together for some photos as our heights work out really nicely for the characters. I'm quite short in reality so Ammie really towers over me. XD

Things came together in 2012 for a big Hellsing group to happen at AN. Our friends Jukebox (as Seras), ReJecT001 (as Pip) and The Letter Jay (as Anderson) also joined us and we had an awesome time hanging out as the Hellsing crew on Saturday night of the con.

I'm so glad I was able to fix up this costume! The new suit jacket, wig and the awesome tie Ammie made for me really pushed this outfit over the top. I feel so badass and tall when I Cosplay Integra. She's such a cool character. (^^) Everyone needs to take a second to appreciate Ammie's kick ass coat for Alucard! She even painted the creepy eyes on the lining!"

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