Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costumes: Locutus

There are easier ways to be assimilated into the Borg Collective, but 300 manhours and approximately $800 can fake it well enough. This amazing light-up Evil Jean Luc Picard costume even has a drink holster in the crotchual region, for when cybernetic organisms need a quick cool-down. Check out the full details on the build over at Instructables.


"I spent over 300 hours on this bad boy and worked very consistently to finish before the Halloween 2012! I have hot glue burns, solder burns, razor cuts, drill bit cuts, and super glue still on my fingers, haha, It can get brutal, but I'm Pretty happy with how it turned out!

One of my favorite features of the costume is that It has a built in drink holster in the crotch area with a straw that comes up through the mask so I can enjoy a cocktail with hands free! I also made a little door hatch that allows you to go to the bathroom instead of taking the whole costume off! The center chest has motorized arms that open so that I can put my Motoroala Droid Bionic inside to display a logo in the middle from my ANDROID market live interactive wallpaper!!!"

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