Thursday, March 14, 2013

Link Round-Up: March 14, 2013

Head Painted Like a Skull out of Gray’s Anatomy

Makeup artist Lisa Berczel, aka Battledress, gives a nod to Gray’s Anatomy with this man’s head that is painted like a medical illustration of a skull.
No prosthetics – only a bit of medical grade paper tape to close the eye and an brow blocking…
I never thought I’d want to wear footie pajamas again, but these Star Trek ones might change that policy.

Marvel has officially licensed temporary tattoo masks for costume purposes. See them all at Fashionably Geek.

Props and costumes from Game of Thrones will be the feature of a new traveling exhibit stopping in Toronto, New York City, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, and Belfast.

A Princess Bride wedding channeling Westley and Buttercup themselves

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