Monday, March 11, 2013

Rule 63: Lady Loki

I think this was my favorite photo!! And it’s a blooper!! XD #ladyloki #loki #thor #marvel #comics #comicbooks #supatuna #cosplay

Lady Loki (from The Avengers) by SupaTuna
Photography by OnionKnightInc at Nor-Cal

"I think this was my favorite photo!! And it’s a blooper!"

Thank you so much to my photographer! He was so sweet and willing to work with me! I loved working with him and the photos came out gorgeous!

Definitely prepared to wear this to Wondercon now, but boot covers were not a good idea. I had to sock glue them to my legs which gave me little mobility and caused me to grow blisters (which burst while I was wearing the shoes) Funny thing is I bought insoles/ect to try and avoid foot pain and the insoles worked, I just couldn’t protect the top of my foot rubbing against the shoe. :T Learn something new with every cosplay.

I really appreciate everyone who complimented my costume. You guys give me the courage to wear it. Although I need to work on my “evil” face and menacing smile. I’m afraid my face gets stuck and then looks weird! XD



"Words can not express how I feel about this cosplay. (The good, and the bad) XD

It’s been a long time coming, and a ton of work, but it’s almost complete. I’m going to be sewing the fur cape soon hopefully. There are a few details I need to fix, but otherwise this is almost 100%! FINALLY.

The scales were purchased from . Each scale was hand painted and then distressed by myself. To give it the nice old, battle wear look. The scales were probably the easiest part of this costume. I had a lot of fun working on them, and I would really love to incorporate them into future cosplays.

The horns are made out of craft foam, wonderflex, insulation foam, and paper clay. Can I just say “WHATABITCH” the horn construction was. I literally debated tossing them away only a gazillion times.

(TO ANY LADY LOKI COSPLAYERS: if you could give me some advice on how you get your hors to stay in place I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m having trouble keeping them still.)

The dress is a bodice with the loin cloths sewn to it. The gold trim gave me the hardest time! I had to buy replacement gold at least 4 times because I kept messing up. The brown belt is a corset type piece I constructed to cover up the naked parts of my costume. LOL. Do not like the idea of flashing everyone in the vicinity.

The gold jewels/jems/brooches/decorations/etc were made out of wooden discs, and then paper clay was added to the top. I hand sculpted each and every one of those. *shutters* and then I painted and distressed each one. (CAN YOU SEE WHY IT HAS TAKEN ME SO BLOODY LONG???)
The boots are boot covers, since I will be traveling with this costume I didn’t want to buy thigh highs and have to figure out how to pack them with me when I travel.

For the most part, this has been the costume that has caused me to doubt myself and my skills as a cosplayer. I hope this weekend when I wear it to the Northern California Cosplay Gathering I feel accomplished enough to drag this with me to Wondercon. >A<
Thank you to everyone who encouraged me with this costume. I really appreciated all the support, especially when I felt like completing this costume was hopeless."

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