Friday, March 8, 2013

Rule 63: Moogles

Moogles (from Final Fantasy) by Liz Katz
"We all know of and love those adorable anime and video game themed felt hats we see folks wearing at conventions… But where did they get them?  Then post con, they are even harder to track down.  My new found source for all things awesome and felt is Kat’s Anime Hats!!! I looked through her photos of previous creations and being a Final Fantasy fan, I immediately fell in love with her Mog hat. When I first spoke with Kat I brought up a few things I wanted to alter for my version of a Moogle, she said no problem and was a pleasure to work with!!! She also made an awesome pair of Moogle wings to make it a full costume! In no time at all she had both the wings and hat finished! This lady works fast!!! When They arrived at my foor I was blown away with how great a job Kat did!! I am so happy with my new Moogle Hat and Wings, and definitly will be getting some more felt goodies from her as well. Be sure to check out Kat’s Anime Hats on Facebook as well and let ehr know I sent you!!! I promise you will love what you see there!!! From purple Day of the Tentacle plushies to Snoorlax caps, she has some great stuff! If you want something she hasn’t done yet, she does costume designs too!"



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