Friday, February 24, 2012

Grand Master Satele Shan

Grand Master Satele Shan (from Star Wars: The Old Republic) by Nebulaluben
Photographed by Jesús Clares
I’ve been playing a little bit of Star Wars TOR lately. A few of my friends are further along than myself, but I am still amazed at how great the story is from the get go. It really makes you feel as if your character is a major part of the Star Wars lore, and I get sucked into it so easily.

Shanao, also known as Nebulaluben, has so many great cosplays under her belt. She lives with her boyfriend in Spain, who shares the same love for cosplay. She has been featured on Kotaku several times, and in magazines as well. There’s no denying that Shanao looks fantastic as Satele Shan!

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