Thursday, February 16, 2012

Juri Han

Juri Han SSF4 Cosplay | by *VampBeauty

Juri Han (from Super Street Fighter 4) by VampBeauty
Ever since seeing the concept art for Super Streetfighter 4 on Juri Han in 2010, I knew she'd be one of my top favorite girl Capcom characters to date. She's evil, owns up to being a badass, and isn't too cute which I love. Gotta thank Ono San for bringing her onto SSF4!

About the cosplay: Studying the design and also trying to find the right fabrics for this cosplay was definitely a journey in itself.

A brief blog from top to bottom will be on my site this week.

Meanwhile... Nothing about this was shiny, or should have been, only the top. A closer look into the wig also harnessed the hardest part of making the cosplay. Each piece was designed and color matched to actual Capcom concept art. Nothing about the cosplay was skimped. I wore this cosplay as the official cosplayer for SDCC next to incredible producer Ono San so it had to be done right, or else my Street Fighter fandom would implode on itself XD I been watching a ton of Waynes World and I gotta admit, I kept on wanting to say, "IM NOT WORTHY!!!" to Ono San, he's a cool guy for sure....! more info soon! :) Thanks for coming by <3

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