Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kids: RX-78 Gundam

Costume took about a year to complete working on it off and on. The majority of it was completed in the 4 month interim between AFO 2011 and Chibi-pa 2011.

Materials used include PVC, Fiberglass, Bondo, Foamboard, Craft Foam and much more. The ipod on the side of the chest is hooked up to a speaker in the chest that plays various sounds clips and songs from various Gundam anime. The beam saber is made from a 1/12 scale official replica that was gutted and combined with electronics from a Star Wars FX lightsaber.

I won best in show at Chibi-pa in my first contest with this costume.

Based on a heavily modified 3D Pepkura Model originally provided by "Juice" of the 405th Forums.

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