Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nuada & Nuala

Nuada & Nuala, Elven Prince & Princess of the Bethmoora Clan (from Hellboy II)
Taken at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 at the Lucasfilm Pavilion

This was at the Jareths Labyrinth Ball in 2009 and we went as the elf twins from Hellboy II which I loved!! All fabrics used in these costumes was silk and then my fiance is the one who did all the molding for the corset center piece on him and his armour. Alas we were in a hurry.....big surprise lol.........he did my makeup fantastically but when it came time to do his I couldn't see a thing with those contacts in and I was stressed so I messed his up a bit. Another costume that we want to retake pics of cuz you can't see any of the really great detail in our costumes.

Us with a really awesome original Elf King design. He was really tall.....granted we're both only 5'6.....but he was still tall hehhe!

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