Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crossplay: Loki

Loki (from Thor) by SomeLikeItBlue

 This is one of those instances where I ran across a photo of a great bit of cosplay, then, upon seeking out the rest of the set, I realized that there was a really cute girl under all that costume.  Twenty minutes later, I've got half her Facebook album Tumblr pasted into a post, and I can't help but wonder when I can expect the restraining order.  Still, this is one of the best pieces of crossplay I've ever seen, and I can't help but to develop a tiny nerd crush on the girl who pulled it off.


"Lately, I have received a lot of questions regarding the landscape we used for part of our Loki photoshoot. Questions regarding if it’s a real place, or if I was photoshopped in. To answer your questions, yes, it’s a real place! And no, the pictures were not photoshopped. We were actually there, in the freezing cold. And I almost slipped and fell into a waterfall. That wouldn’t have been pleasant.

The place is called Shakespeare’s, and it’s located in Ellwood City, PA. If you’re ever in the area, definitely check it out! It’s amazing, and totally worth a visit."






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