Thursday, April 12, 2012


Fate/Zero Saber Cosplay

Saber (from Fate/Zero) by Maridah
"I constructed the 3 piece suit and grey dress shirt and based the cut as closely on the character sheets as I could. The challenge was to tailor a suit that was styled like a men’s suit, but have it fitted to a female figure. In the end, I feel I was partially successful with this. The vest is very well fitted, but the jacket came out a bit loose. However, it is easy to wear and great for a cold weather convention. I put emphasis on creating the 90′s power suit silhouette with big shoulder pads, large lapel and tapered slacks. The suit also buttons on the men’s side, as Saber’s does. The shoes are brown, like hers, though don’t ask me why she’d have chosen to wear brown with black… I made the bracelets as well, but my jacket sleeves hang a bit long to show them. The wig was a regular unstyled wig that I cut, added an ahoge to it, and pulled back into a low ponytail."
Fate/Zero Saber Cosplay

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