Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crossplay: Loki

Sooo… I’m DEFINITELY going to a midnight showing of “The Avengers.” (Planning on taking my whole family for my birthday since it comes out just a few days after!) I’ve been planning on going as Loki to a midnight showing, but I have yet to figure out WHICH premiere to go to in Maryland. I’m near quite a few theaters, but it’s tricky to gauge which ones will have the most fun in terms of fellow costumers. The more the merrier, I say. >:D
With that in mind: AVENGERS cosplayers from the MD/DC/VA area- which theaters are you going to when that clock hits midnight? I hear rumors there is a group of Lokis who have picked a theater? This is a key factor, hehehehe.

Loki (from Thor) by Lunarinferno
"Always wanted to get some scenic shots of my Loki costume, and the Gaylord was the sort of location I couldn’t pass up. X3 I give a lot of credit to my dad; he hates taking photos and is the first to admit he is not at all familiar with cameras, but I think he did a really good job… not to mention he’s an awesome dad for putting up with me saying “Wait for it… wait for it… where’s the wind? Okay.” XD And I was really thrilled to see the Avengers Loki cosplayer! I’d admired her costume here on tumblr and didn’t think I’d get to see it in person. :3 It was cool to meet you! If you can see this, I still need to follow ya but I cannot remember the username. This photo of us together does not do her staff justice- It was pretty badass with the glowing gem!"





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