Sunday, April 1, 2012

In Real Life: Loki

Somelikeitblue cruising the comic racks as Loki (from Thor)
I need to make a habit of going to comic book stores dressed like Loki. It totally made my day, seeing the random comic book geeks light up with joy when we walked in. Teehee

"When I was out with my friend making our video, we also took a few pictures in Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and FYE.  Nothing fancy — just having fun.  Oh, the joys of being Loki while surrounded by pathetic mortal things."

This is what happens when two geeky girls get together with a crappy camera and a Loki costume. To say the least, it was epic. We went to Barnes and Noble, a mall, and Walmart. The most amusing stares were definitely in WalMart, but we weren't allowed to record. So. Also -- interesting fact. Apparently wearing a helmet in a mall is a "risk to homeland security". I completely understand why mortals might fear someone as awesome and powerful as the God of Mischief, but really? Hahah!

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