Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Props: Omni Blade

Omni Blade Prop

Cosplay designer Chris Myles built his own Mass Effect Omniblade. It even features a pop-out blade. Myles created the tool using a laser cutter and trans-orange 2.5mm sheet acrylic. According to his description of the prop, he heated the acrylic in the oven for 15 minutes and then bent the material over gloved hands to make the final shape.

Omni Blade Prop (Closed)

"Just finished ME3 a few days ago so...... an Omni Tool /Omni Blade with flip out blade.
Made from trans-orange 2.5mm sheet acrylic (laser "cut", heated and hand bent) with a few 4-40 screws/nuts and straps here and there.

The results of trying to understand the laser "cutter" at my job

The machine has certainly seen some better days and, when it comes to anything over 1mm, it becomes a laser engraver. But with a little trickery and some hand tools I managed to free the parts from their sheet plastic prison.

Heated in oven at 325~350 for 15 min (with a little spot help from heat gun)and then bent by be-gloved hands into its final shape"

Omni Tool/Blade Prop

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