Thursday, March 14, 2013

Discussion: Kigurumi are the new Onesies

So, I'm browsing Youtube for something to play in the background as I'm surfing the web for cosplay pics when I stumble upon this video by my favorite Vlog girl, Dodger Leigh. Dodger's channel is a great way to fill the silence when you're sitting home alone but don't want the distraction of running the television.  Saturday night's video was particularly hilarious because she was just randomly wearing a Chicken Kigurumi, which is evidently the adult version of a onesy. 

Kigurumi is the name for costumed characters. The name comes from the Japanese verb "kiru" (to wear) and noun "nuigurumi" (stuffed toy).  No big surprise here - they're from Japan, where they are worn (ironically, I'm guessing) to parties and other costumed events.  They also make for entertaining vblog material.

I especially love the way she rolls down the sleeves to talk "serious business," then promptly forgets she's wearing wings until she starts flapping her arms. Clearly, someone needs to forward this video to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf corporation so that they may give her comments their full consideration.

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