Monday, March 11, 2013


Shana in White Silver Dragoon armor (from The Legend of Dragoon) by Oruntia
Photographed by Epi-Corner
"Legend of Dragoon is my fave game ever. since I played this game about 10 years ago, I always think dragoon armor is very amazing and I always imagine how it feels to wear that dragoon armor. since I started cosplay, cosplaying one of Legend of Dragoon character become my goal. So I did learn bit by bit how to create armor. Experience is my teacher. After about 2-3 years armor experiments, finally I dared to do it. I believe i can do it. So here's the result. the shape isn’t perfect but i really love and proud with it."

"oooh it's very difficult to smile like that...i feel pain during my photosession :( the armor, especially the wings so heavy T_____T"
"i just realized that i forgot to upload full body photo XD XD

Legend of Dragoon is my fave RPG game. My fave chara actually is Meru -- i love her cheerful personality and the fact about she is one of wingly just like Lloyd. I think wingly tribe is pretty cool -- they can fly with wings of light. If there is time i wanna do Meru too...both of her costumes: dancer and dragoon

i love Shana, but she too soft for me. I was a bit difficult to cosplay a character like that T__T I made this costume to fulfil my promise to my friend (he did Dart).

The hardest part is about the wing. I'm using knock down the wings can be separated from the body. I live in a small place so i don't have room to store this costume if i connect the wings and body ~__~ knock down method is flexible, but i failed to make a perfect connection between the body and wings so the wings can't be installed perfectly......

I use duco paint, which is used for cars painting. The color slightly yellowish silver. in Indonesia, the colors found on one of Toyota - Kijang Innova.

I know, my work isn't perfect, but i'm very grateful to all my friends and those who give me appreciation about my Shana cosplay. Although this game has long passed, i hope to always be loved"
"i love this sis took it by candid. my face looks sad and misery....actually i feel pain because i was wearing very heavy armor and hurt my skin T___T"

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  1. wow.. awesome

    I want make Dart The Legend of dragoon but I don't have picture for make costume