Thursday, August 16, 2012


aradiabot is me

Aradiabot (from MS Paint Adventures) by Adebimpe
Photographed by Eurobeat King from Otakon 2012

"the aradiabot set i put up a few days ago didn’t have the chest wound visible in any of the photos. if you look closely in [s] make her pay, you can see in some frames that the metal over aradia’s chest has been welded/bolted shut again after she tore her heart out. you can’t see it on her sprite or in any other panels, so it’s an easy detail to miss, but i wanted to include it in my costume because i think it says something poignant about her- that she does not need emotions that aren’t her own, and for the entire time she was aradiabot, she bore a scar representing that right over her heart. i think that says a lot about just how well she is written in the story- there are so many subtle little details to aradia’s development and characterization that i wish i could make everyone appreciate. she’s just  a really fantastic character and oh shit what am i doing i’m getting carried away with my aradia feelings oOPS

i also wanted to say thank you to everyone who liked/reblogged/said such kind things about this cosplay. it means a lot to me. all week i’ve kind of been in shock at the overwhelming reaction, so thank you very, very much to everyone."

"aradiabot! mostly complete; i’ll get her time machines done in june/july and have the costume + props ready for otakon!

one of the contact lenses i was going to use for these pictures wound up tearing, but i only spotted it once i had all the makeup on dsfjsdhfkjdshkfjsdf. it took forever to do all this makeup, so i put in a different red pair and took some pictures anyway. i ordered a new pair and i’ll probably re-take some photos when they come in- for now, here’s some of the pictures i took last night because i didn’t want all the time i spent putting on makeup to go to waste, hahahahh"

Photograph by Mike Kowalek of  Eleventh Photograph

Vriska Serket (from Homestuck) by Ceriene


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