Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Miranda Lawson

Miranda Lawson (from Mass Effect) by threshermaw
Photographed by Boris-The-Animal
"The suit was commissioned from hmwsgx in 2011. It debuted [giggity] at the Bioware Costume Contest during SDCC ‘11, where it won the N7 Award. It was worn briefly at SDCC ‘12 and will be retired after D*Con ‘12.

Since early 2012, minor adjustments have been made to pull the suit tighter in certain areas, and all photos were shot and edited by myself and/or Boris-The-Animal. The only site currently hosting them is deviantArt (under ThresherMaw). If you happen to see any distributed elsewhere without credit or watermarks, please please let me know!"
"-The costume consists of: wig, contacts, choker, jacket, decals, gloves, white suit, additional boobage, belt, bootcovers, boots. And then there’s makeup.

-I provided the white hex fabric, which is upholstery vinyl [found here] digitally printed with an Illustrator pattern (sent to me by Ms. hmwsgx). A local screen-printing company specializing in uniforms and custom graphics cut the material into 16”x19” sheets to fit their printer. The sheets were assembled/cut/sewn entirely by the costumer. She did an absolutely phenomenal job. "
"-If you are considering making one for yourself, I would not personally recommend using the same vinyl. It is very dense and DOES NOT breathe well. As in, I don’t take the suit off, I peel it off. And even with the alleged two-way stretch it doesn’t allow for much movement. I need a handler to help me get in and out of costume, along with any active maintenance while wearing it. But. I’m slightly insane and will push accuracy over comfort as far as functionally possible, and I was adamant about using this vinyl for its texture. As the costumer would probably also tell you, it was not easy to work with. Because it’s meant for couches.

-A less masochistic alternative would be this Spoonflower pattern (there are options to print on spandex).

-The wig, contacts, decals, and boots were purchased separately. Details upon request.
-The boots have 5” heels; I stand 6’1” in costume."
"-If you are interested in commissioning something similar, please at the very very least read hmwsgx’s FAQ. It covers several common points in any potential commission, particularly the Miranda suit."

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