Monday, August 13, 2012

Rule 63: Joker

Rule 63 Joker (from Arkham Asylum) by Slarenkou (Facebook | Tumblr | Youtube)
Photographed by AshB at Otakon 2012

"My Female Joker at Otakon 2012 that is getting a weird amount of recognition."

Photographed by AshB at Otakon 2012

Oh hey it’s me. c:

"One night he goes off crazier than usual.."
Not as intense as I'd like, but I'm working on that for Otakon c:

Photographed by Madlight Media

Photographed by Joseph Chi Lin

Photographed by Obscura Vista
"Female Joker (Arkham Asylum / Arkham City) I debuted at Katsucon 2012! Very fun, haha c:"

Photographed by Sam Lau

"When dealt a hand by the Joker, you know you have to fold."

Photograph by Bahamutnight
"SWEET. The shoot I was really excited to see how it turned out ended up FABULOUSLY x3 Credit to BahamutNightr for the shot! My female Joker again from katsucon 2012"

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