Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Barbarian (from Diablo III) by Ghostship
Photographed by BilderHaus

Based on the artwork of Wei Wang

"And after one month of hard work a further costume is done!

My Barbarian from Diablo III, based on the artwork of Wei Wang

As always you'll find the full story behind this costume and every progress step on my facebook progress page and my costume blog. I finished the costume just a few days ago and so I am very glad that I had the change to get such a nice photoshoot in such a short time with it. This time a professional photographer, BilderHaus, was in charge for the photos. It was pretty important for me to create the dark and threatening atmosphere which you can find in Diablo III. And so I just love the illusion that the team of BilderHaus created in this photoshoot."

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