Monday, August 13, 2012

Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria (from Hellsing) by icequeenserenity
Photographed by Rikusworld and Sunriseashes

The newborn vampire Seras Victoria braces for battle against masses of undead that lurk just around the corner...
"A compilation of images taken at Anime Boston 2012. It has been a little over two weeks since the convention ended and I still miss it! These shots are especially splendid for the detail on the lights and texture in the shadow arm."
"From Anime Boston 2012... I'm ecstatic that my Blood Seras costume is finally complete. It's a project I began 6 months ago that has finally come full circle and I couldn't be more pleased with the result.

Seras is a character that I relate to, admire, and adore in every way. Her incredible strength, resilience, and heart helped me cope during the past year after losing my Mother, which is something I'll never forget.

I've also met some amazing people through our shared love of this series. Thank you for watching for the past year! "

"About the costume, I worked on the Shadow Arm for about two weeks before the convention. I knew the shape I wanted to make, how I wanted it to move, and that I wanted to add "Alucard eyes," and *RikusWorld told me the best way to build it.

With those ideas and guidance, I was able to move forward on making the arm... I didn't even realize how well it came out until I saw the photos for the first time. I'm more than ecstatic with the way it came out!"

"The transformation is complete! 6 months after starting this costume, it is finally finished. Now that the Shadow Arm has been made, I have closure and am now fully happy with it."

"A full body compilation of my completed Blood Seras costume that shows the full view of the suit and arm. I love this costume to bits and pieces and I can't wait to wear it again! The Shadow Arm was entirely worth the week of Carpal Tunnel pain that it induced.

This is the set of photos that made me decide to get about an hour's worth of direct sun exposure after two years of avoiding it; I finally got "white sheet pale."  I had to darken my face in post-processing on the left photo so that you could see that I have one!"

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  1. I wanted to know how you made Seras's Hell arm, she's my favourite character and I want to do her justice by cosplaying her correctly.