Friday, September 28, 2012

Couple: Korra and Mako

Fresh Cosplay!
Korra and Mako (in gloves) from Legend Of Korra

Aigue-Marine (Korra)
TheLupin (Mako)
Photographer: calssara

Korra and Mako (from Legend Of Korra) by Aigue-Marine and TheLupin
Photographed by Calssara
"This picture means the world to me - a casual staged picture of Mako & Korra - nothing more than that, but everything just needed from this very short and rushed shoot I was lucky to get with *Aigue-Marine.  Hopefully one day we'll get a real shoot, though it might be long time since we live in different countries - damn you distance!"

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  1. That's the most perfect Korra I have ever seen