Monday, September 24, 2012

Couple: Zaaeds

Fem Zaaed and Zaaed (from Mass Effect)
Photographed by Joanne Duong
Fem Zaeed cosplay by hmwsgx
Zaeed cosplay by wmarmory
"This was quite a labor of love for my boyfriend and I! While he was working on his own Zaeed costume he came across some femZaeed fanart and decided he wanted to make me a matching costume.

His work took the longest, spanning over 3 months, while taking a break to work on a N7 commission. He works in EVA foam and is a madman on details. If you want to see WIP and videos on it please go here [link]

My part was to sew the undersuit, which was so simple compared to his work. I finished the suits in under 2 weeks, but I will need to go back and improve the tattoo sleeves."

"Not sure what to write here. The armor and gun is made of EVA foam. I have a page here [link] with WIP photos, videos and Q/A about how I make my armor. Please check it out."

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