Monday, September 24, 2012


Momiji - Ninja Gaiden Sigma II by *orbakat

Momiji (from Ninja Gaiden Sigma II) by Orbakat
Photographed by Brian Lim
"I was sad that I couldn't get any good pictures at AFA for Momiji, but OMG I am so happy with how this shoot turned out! Brian did magic with the photography and I had fun doing all the different action poses

The shoot location faces a busy 4-lane road and apparently lots of motorists slowed down to gawk while we were shooting... I found out from Meganelover after the shoot that we had caused a minor accident, a taxi bumped into the back of a van! Oops. Good thing it wasn't serious. XD

The basic costume was sewn by my tailor, but I added the ribbon and painted on the details. I also sewed the arm warmers.

My naginata is made of cardboard, PVC pipe, compressed foam board, balsa wood and styrofoam balls. The bells are real and they jingle when I move. Armor and accessories are made of craft foam, PVC, rope and styrofoam balls."

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