Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fresh Take: Steampunk Princess Peach

I'm sorry Mario, your Princess is in another airship.
"You know. This all started off as a foggy idea with a chaotic direction that I really had no idea what the end result would look like- and it actually turned out really well, I think! My group, to boot, was fabulous! Everything except a few missing group members (who we'll get ready for PAX, let's hope) turned out perfectly!

So. My take on a Steampunk Peach was heavily inspired by Steam Punk Couture and Fantasy. I saw fanart once of Peach as a more fantasy type character- having more to do with actual nature, seeing as she's the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Which I love- since the fact she's a normal looking human in a world full of strange creatures, I feel like she could use some interesting revamps- so I added real dried mushroom caps on my arm along with dried moss and small flowers to make myself appear more earthy and fantasy.

The rest of the costume revolves around the Steam Punk fashion."

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