Monday, August 6, 2012

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter (from Diablo III) by
"Over this past few weeks, I have been planning around another awesome shoot with John and Indra AKA FantasyNinja(facebook) as a Demon Hunter from Diablo 3. What better area to do a photoshoot than an actual graveyard? Not just any graveyard – this was the Oakland Cemetery historic area of Atlanta – a HUGE graveyard created in the 1800′s and is now a historic resting place for many famous people of our past.

The towering sculptures and gorgeous mausoleums was an eye opener when it came to choosing a location for this costume – the only pain was to actually get a city permit to do so. Atlanta is pretty famous for being a complete pain in the ass to legally photograph at public sites. The process was pretty simple – I had to fill out dozens of pages and waivers and it had to be approved by some historic keeper of the city. It only took about a week for it all to get processed and surprisingly, it was relatively worry free."

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